It all comes down to what is (and more importantly what is not) in our paint.  Quiet Nursery paints are made up of water, natural and manufactured non-toxic binders, non-toxic pigments, mineral fillers such as limestone and clay, non-toxic thickeners such as wood cellulose and non-toxic waxes and texture powders.  More importantly, our paint is free of solvents, VOCs, animal products, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and all other frightening ingredients one might find in so many other paints.


We are committed to making not only a beautiful product, but a healthy and responsible one which is why we don't just stop at the paint.  We use recycled/recyclable 5L (1.32 gallons) cans and 1L (1 quart) polypropylene pots for our paint.  All paints are shipped in recycled/recyclable cardboard boxes.   Additionally, we are proud to be in partnership with a company whose mission is closely aligned to our own, keeping energy use during manufacturing to a minimum. 


Join us in our effort to promote sustainable, responsible and organic products.  Questions??  Shoot us an email - we'd be happy to provide more information and answer questions.