Oh Baby! Workshop:

Bring your sheet sets, fabric samples, hopes and dreams and we will help create a beautiful, healthy nursery design for you and baby.   This three hour workshop held by Lisa Teague Studios in conjunction with Quiet Nursery is typically held in our studio in downtown Portsmouth or in New England baby boutiques. 

  • Hour one: looking at inspiration and coming up with basic color scheme
  • Hour two: Furniture, bedding, accessories –- create a plan for choosing complimentary items
  • Hour Three:  Get creative – add some personalization, fun, and character to your nursery with creative project ideas and products

Workshop details can be tailored to fit your specific requests and make a wonderful shower gift!  Or if you have a group of moms-to-be or even dads expecting, why not gather them together and host a workshop in your home.  It's a wonderful way to get the design ball rolling, converse with other expecting parents, laugh and share experiences.  

We hope to see you at our next workshop!  Contact us for a list of upcoming workshop dates and locations. 

Other Workshops: 

Lisa of Lisa Teague Designs holds other workshops focused on design and color.  More information can be found on Lisa's website