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the best painting tips

We've been painting a long time. Lisa started her design business after years of color consultation and interior painting work. I (andi) worked with every summer, climbing ladders, rolling paint. We ended the days tired, covered in paint, and happy (most of the time - there was that one time she repeatedly dripped brown paint on my head while I worked below her ladder on a big job). And we learned a few tricks along the way...

Our knowledge is your knowledge... now get painting!

Best Painting Hacks from real experts

1. Always dab some of the paint on the lid. This will remind you of the color down the road without having to pry off the lid.

of course, we do this for you - all of our paints will have a sticker with the color right on it!

2. Paint can openers are great, but in a pinch screw drivers, butter knives, or even car keys get the job done.

3. Yes, hammering a nail into the rim of the can is a seemingly brilliant way to keep it from filling with paint, but it doesn't work all that well in practice. Instead, always wipe out the rim with your brush.

4. If you take a break, wrap your brushes or rollers in plastic and stick them in the fridge. They'll stay wet so you don't have to wash them, dry them, and use them again. I've left mine in the fridge for a whole weekend with success, but I wouldn't go much longer than that without washing them.

5. Cut first, then roll, and try to work so no edges get dry. This usually means working down and then over and then down and then over if that makes sense. I drew it:

6. Don't change into sweats before you paint. Paint spattered pants are in right now and cost a fortune. Wear well fitting jeans while painting and don't fear the drips. We've rocked our most painty pants for years and always get compliments.

7. Don't be afraid to really go for it. Aside from the cost of the paint and your time, paint is a super easy thing to change and experiment with which can make a huge impact. Really go for it!

8. If you are painting a whole room including the trim, always paint the trim first. You typically use a semi-gloss paint for trim and something with less or no sheen on the walls. It's much easier to wipe drips off of the the glossy trim than the other way around.

9. Don't forget your feet. I can't tell you how many times, I've stepped in a drip and then walked across a room leaving a trail of paint in my foot prints. Now I always leave a damp rag on my drop cloth to wipe any drips or the bottom of my shoe if I do step in one.

10. And finally - have fun with it. We all know painting can seem a chore. We find it helps to put on a really happy play list and find someone you like to share the task. Find our painting playlist here!

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